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Our Mission

The Health 3rd Party Trust Initiative is a proactive group committed to reducing third-party information security risk with more reliable and efficient assurances. As an expansion of the former Provider Third Party Risk Management (PTPRM) initiative founded in 2018, the new Health 3rd Party Trust (Health3PT) initiative has been established to evaluate, identify, and implement actionable and practical solutions that healthcare organizations can adopt to provide more reliable assurances, consistent information security program reporting, and better visibility into downstream relationships with third parties and beyond.

Who We Are

Professionals from leading care providers, health systems, and other healthcare organizations.
The Council is committed to develop, recommend, and promote a series of practices and solutions to effectively manage information security-related risks with supply chain vendors and service providers to protect patient information, electronic medical records, and business information.

Join the Health3PT Initiative

Team up with industry leaders to better manage vendor and service provider risk throughout the supply chain. Membership in the Health 3rd Party Trust initiative provides a unique opportunity to share thoughts and exchange best practices while working alongside experienced risk management professionals and other healthcare industry leaders. The initiative’s goals are to make significant progress with a standardized approach for obtaining, maintaining, and monitoring reliable information privacy and security assurances from third parties that reduces the need for proprietary questionnaires and redundant, single-use assessments.

Patricia Yarabinetz, AmeriHealth Caritas​

Glen Braden, Attest Healthcare​

Cindy Schuna, Cencora (formerly Amerisource Bergen)​

Rick Kratz, Director, Cencora (formerly Amerisource Bergen)​

Shenny Sheth, Common Spirit (formerly Centura Health)​

Natalie Henderson, CVS​

Eric Sinclair, Evolent​

Brad Carvellas, Guthrie​

Matthew Webb, HCA Healthcare​

Brenda Callaway, HCSC 

John Chow, Healthix​

Karin Balsley, HealthStream​

Joe Dylewski, Humana​

Dr. Omar Sangurima, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center​

Monique Hart, Piedmont Healthcare​

Joel Seymour, Premera Blue Cross​

John Houston, UPMC ​

Ryan George, UPMC ​

Alex Zhivov, Virtual Health​

Bhavesh Merai, Walgreens 



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Simplified Compliance


Vendor Transparency


Waste Reduction